Antaeus — chair
$1 397
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SKU: 5634

Antaeus — chair

$1 397
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List of woods:
L: 480 mm x W: 520 mm x H: 750 mm
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Borning of the Sea and the Earth, Antaeus was the strongest and most beautiful of titans. It seemed that the giant god was impossible to defeat, because he constantly took his power with the energy of the earth mother Gaia. Due to this, Antey became the personification of love for his native land, the image of people who keep in touch with their homeland, culture, and traditions.

We created the chair «Antey» with love, as strong and beautiful as titanium. Among the wood for production, hard, wear-resistant, but at the same time flexible, an ash was chosen. Its material is easily polished, tinted and often used for interior decoration of rooms.

Our «Antey» inspires with its look. Dark like a raven, mysterious like the night, gentle like velvet, it will add elegance to your interior. In general, black color makes the room visually smaller, so it is advised to use it sparingly, mainly in individual details, in particular, such as chairs. And due to the neutrality of the color, you can combine them with any interior solution.

The laconic design and functional convenience make our wooden chairs desirable. They are bought for offices, kitchens, living rooms, even bedrooms. Refined simple «Antey» does not take too much attention to itself, which allows you to concentrate on work or rest, enjoying communication.

Buying chairs means getting a useful and practical accessory for a dining table, a conference room for negotiations or any other room. They integrate naturalness and environmental friendliness into your space, making it stylish, because wooden furniture does not go out of fashion for centuries.

The chair «Antey» – strength and beauty that makes you fall in love!

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