Most popular customer questions

1. Is epoxy safe for food contact?

We use only food-safe epoxy. Its safety is approved with European certificates, which indicate that this epoxy resin is not toxic in the solid-state.

2. If I order a table, will it be the same as in the picture?

An exact copy cannot be repeated, only close to it can be made. After all, every wooden slab will have a different tone, texture, shape. Photography — is just an example of the future table. For this reason, you get a 100% unique product.

3. Is it possible to create the color of epoxy, as in the photo?

It's possible. However, it will still have a certain deviation, because there are such factors as the thickness of the tabletop and the amount of epoxy.

4. Do you give a guarantee?

We guarantee that the coating will be resistant to stains of wine, coffee, tea, and other liquids. But we don't guarantee that scratches and cuts will not appear on the tabletop, because such damage can occur even on metal.

5. Can cracks form on the tabletop? What should I do in this situation?

It can if you won't be following the rules of "Care and maintenance of the tabletop." If such incident has occurred, then the best way would be to send it to us for restoration.

6. Is it possible to do 3D visualization?

Yes, but it will cost $ 50. If the client is happy with everything, and he makes an advance payment, then these $ 50 will be included in the price. For example, if you paid $ 50 for a visualization, and the order was valued at $ 1300, then you have to pay only $ 1250.

7. What are the maximum sizes you work with?

Length 6 m, width 1,1 m. The same applies to round tables, the maximum diameter is 1100 mm, since the calibration machine works only within these limits.

The highest depth of the epoxy resin is 110 mm. True, this also depends on the dimensions of the table. For a tabletop 4000x1100 mm, the thickness of 110 mm will be too big (optimal 50-60 mm). 

8. What explains the high prices? I saw cheaper competitors.

Firstly, we use more expensive materials that make our products much better. Secondly, we provide customers with excellent service, that a competitor cannot offer. Thirdly, you pay for a brand that does not try to deceive their customers or reduce the price of the product by decreasing quality.

9. What should I do if I received a table, but I did not like it?

This is discussed in an individual case. In most cases, we are ready to pick it up and make a new one for you.

10. Why should I buy from you if I can do this in the garage at half the price?

We know that there are many skilled and talented people, but the "garage tables" do not live up to the month of their exploitation. First of all, it is necessary to have a specially equipped room with ventilation and adjustable temperature conditions. If you don't have them, then the dust and dirt will get into the epoxy and will spoil the product. Besides, you need excellent knowledge and experience in working with wood and epoxy. But if you do not have the necessary conditions for production, then the abilities here will not save.

11. What are the stages of making the table?

Slabs selection and cleaning (manually) —> epoxy resin filling —> CNC —> calibration —> grinding —> coating —> installation of legs —> quality control —> delivery.

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