Author's coffee tables

Coffee table with epoxy — the trend in carpentry

 A modern coffe table is not just two legs and a beautiful countertop. This is one of the elements that perfectly reveals the beauty of the interior. Understanding this, we make not just magic tables ourselves. We create real art.

What types of side tables do we produce?

It all depends on the desires and budget of the client. We undertake projects of various levels of complexity. Our team works with classic and exclusive woods.

In total, we distinguish the following types:

  • StandArt. This category provides for the creation of countertops with standardized dimensions, the use of classic types of wood (oak, ash, walnut) and a small amount of polymer. Suitable for people who want a concise and stylish table in their home.
  • StandArt +. More epoxy resin, thicker countertops.
  • Premium. The use of exclusive wood species and various types of epoxy casting is not all. This includes large worktops, as well as Live Edge shapes. However, the biggest difference is the ability to adjust the legs of the future table.
  • Elite. Every whim for your money.The boldest and most complex projects.A great choice for lovers of art and exclusivity.
  • Coral Atoll. Author's series of coffee  tables, which has no analogs.  Countertops made from slices of burl maple, olives, acacia and elm. We create for those who want to create a heavenly atmosphere in the room.

Thus, the cost varies from £380, depending on the size, wood species and other factors. At the same time, despite the chosen type, a soul and a love of art are invested in every coffe table.

How to choose a coffee table?

How do you want to see the future table? Larger or smaller?  What will be the most important for you? A unique countertop made from an exclusive wood species that will surprise even the biggest skeptic? Or a laconic table that perfectly complements the stylish interior?

Think about why you needed a coffe table.  After all, someone makes such a purchase for the sake of the opportunity to have fun with relatives not only in the kitchen but also in the living room on a comfortable sofa. For someone, this is one of the key elements of the decor, without which the room will look inferior.

What to consider when choosing a coffee table?

  1. Budget.No comments.
  2. The breed of wood. The tree differs from each other not only in color and price, but also in its unique texture.  Choose the kind of wood that you like best and will be able to better reveal the beauty of the interior.
  3. Interior.  All objects in the room should look harmonious with each other.  Tables are no exception, especially with epoxy-coated worktops.After all, each table needs its own home.
  4. Sizes. Not only the dimensions of the countertop, but also the shape depend on this. Round and oval coffee tables feel best in spacious rooms.
  5. Height. Before you buy a coffe table, measure the height of the sofa.  After receiving the numbers, decide how high or low you want to see the future table.  Usually, the height is set at the level of the sofa or put a little lower.
  6. Children. Parents think about baby safety.  Each time a child flies near a table with sharp corners, a whirlwind of emotions and emotions forms in the head.  To make your life calmer, we suggest rounding the corners so that the baby does not get injured when hitting the table.