Shipping and payment

How do we deliver tables?

With us, you do not need to worry about the delivery. We always package with responsibly, because we want the product to arrive without a single scratch. We will describe how the packaging process takes place:

1. First, the tabletop is wrapped in an elastic film.

2. After that, we put it into the foamed polypropylene.

3. If the legs are collapsible, then they must be removed to reduce the dimensions of the load. All bolts (approximately 8 pieces), together with a hexagon — we put in a separate bag.

It will take about 5 minutes to screw the legs.

4. After a double wrap with polypropylene, we install protection from hard cardboard, which will protect not only the surface but also the corners and ends.

5. One of the key components of the package is two OSB boards that will reliably protect the tabletop against mechanical damage.

6. Re-wrap with an elastic film.

The finished result looks like a big sandwich. The only drawback of our method is that you have to spend a lot of time unpacking. We are confident that such steps are worth the while so that the product arrives whole and unscathed.

What about the legs?

If it is possible to attach the legs to the OSB plate, then we will do it. If not, then send separately, under a different invoice. 


We can consult the client for free with the choice of wood and type of epoxy. However, the selection of the tree begins after making an advance of 50%. The client can pay the rest when the order will be ready.

Payment type

Bank transfer.