SKU: 4164
Made to order
Damascus — office meeting table
$19 278
SKU: 4164

Damascus — office meeting table

$19 278
Made to order
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List of woods:
Blue transparent epoxy resin
Table legs:
55 mm
L: 3200 mm x W: 900 mm x H: 750 mm
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Do you know what distinguishes the Damascus table from others? Come closer. Imagine a beautiful river leading you to one of the oldest cities in Damascus. Leave the present, it will not run away. The atmosphere of some places allows you to make a real journey into the past and Damascus is just that.

The place where, according to legend, Adam and Eve went after they were expelled from paradise. They say that the name of the city means "a house that has water". Also, Damascus is often called the "eye of the East." In his pupils, one could make out a huge oasis of Gut, before the militants trampled him in the 21st century. You never know how history will change the look of a place.

The future belongs to us only in our imagination, and the past lives in our things. 

On the table "Damascus" already lives the deep history of one of the oldest places. This is a harmonious tandem of modern technology with mysterious patterns resembling lines on Damascus steel. We chose elm for the table with a warm pleasant shade. Blue epoxy resin was poured into it, which resembles a calm stream of a river. Thoroughly coated with a layer of polyurethane varnish. The table is held by p-shaped metal legs, on which we have applied brass powder coating, which is ideally suited to the general appearance of our Damascus.

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