Catalog of wooden tables and products made of wood by Kochut

Kochut Wood — the author's wooden products.

Making wood products is not just a stamped work with wood. This is a true art that requires significant skills, taste and a lot of inspiration. Each product is unique. Our highlight is the creation of tables filled with epoxy resin, because in Ukraine not everyone is capable of creating such products.

We are able to make coffee, dinner and writing tables with our own hands, which will always amaze not only your friends, but also yourself. After all, it is impossible to tear off their eyes from them even when one sees them every day. To create our charming tables, we use not only the classic for Ukraine and Europe wood species: walnut, oak, maple, as well as Japanese sophora, American walnut, bog oak and California maple.

We create wooden products not just for standing in the kitchen or in the living room. We make them so that they give you a feeling of comfort and form an incredible atmosphere.