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Wood processing with natural oil and varnish

    If you did not know which coating (oil/varnish) to choose for your table, we recommend reading this article. In it, we examined their operating principle, differences, as well as advantages and disadvantages. We think that this information will help to make the right choice.

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What is bog oak?

    Do you like exclusive woods? If yes, then we suggest to get acquainted with the incredible stained oak. We will tell you about its features, for which it is so highly valued, what role it plays in carpentry art, as well as about the differences between real moraine oak and artificial.

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Features of the wood selection for the table river

River-Table — a trend in the art of carpentry. The view of the table, which is made from wood slabs and filled with epoxy, is fascinating. The farther, the more often people wonder: "But how to make a such beautiful table?" Well, we are ready to answer this question. Let's start with the very first steps — the selection and preparation wood arrays.

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