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Made to order
Mongoose — office meeting table
$9 198
SKU: 5696

Mongoose — office meeting table

$9 198
Made to order
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List of woods:
Rock elm
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Table legs:
Painted metal
2400 х 1200 х 750 mm
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He likes to live in tropical savannahs, where thirsty land is waiting for the rains, and the shade of single trees and sparse forests is considered paradise. He feels comfortable in Madagascar and in hot South Africa, in Hawaii, Fiji or two dozen other islands. His life is in eternal motion and passes in constant hunting. The swift and energetic red mongoose is always ready to attack, and only the stronger can challenge it.

The office meeting table «Mongoose»  is about duels and confrontations, about strength and weakness, about determination and persistence, about a new challenge. And only you decide how your «struggle» will end and how successful the result will be. The main thing is to act and never stop halfway.

Usually, by design, office meeting tables are restrained and austere. They are maded in such way as not to disturb the typical gray office style. But we decided to challenge established norms and our risk paid off. As a result, it was possible to create an elegant office meeting table, which is incredibly beautiful and inspires to work. Decoratively unusual burl slabs of elm attract attention with their natural ornament. At the same time, the straight lines of the wood texture and the restrained overall rectangular shape of «Mongoose» do not permit beauty to go beyond the limits of what is allowed, as if creating imaginary limits between what is desired and what is allowed, between rest and work, between decision and inaction.

Our office meeting table has its own character. It is not immediately «feel», but it manifests itself partly in the hardness and strength that is the durable elm, partly in the honesty and unsulliedness of the transparent gray epoxy resin. It is not difficult for it to absorb the best values ​​of its owner and broadcast them during regular negotiations, a team meeting to discuss the future course of the company or a daily morning meeting. We made this office meeting table strong and strong-willed, but at the same time visually light and open to options.

Strength «Mongoose» held by original design legs is made of metal, which resemble a multi-vector star with a common center. They are securely screwed to the tabletop and will last as long as the wood and epoxy table itself.

Covering the tabletop makes the surface pleasant to the touch and protects it from the penetration of moisture and fingerprints, which, for example, are often visible on transparent glass surfaces. And due to its large size, the office meeting table can accommodate 10 to 12 people, with a length of 60 cm per person. This is a standard criterion for a comfortable stay at any table.

You can choose stylish and comfortable chairs from our «Antey» series for «Mongoose». We make them as reliable as the rest of the furniture. It is possible to choose different upholstery, focusing not only on the color of the table, but also on the general interior of the office, meeting room or conference hall. We know how to make high-quality office furniture to order, taking into account all the needs of the client, because we have a lot of experience and work with certified materials.

The office meeting table «Mongoose»  is your balanced and elegant step to great success!

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