Gray Cardinal — dining table (wooden legs)
$7 980
SKU: 5626
SKU: 5626

Gray Cardinal — dining table (wooden legs)

$7 980
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List of woods:
Epoxy resin
Table legs:
38 mm
L: 2000 mm x W: 900 mm x H: 750 mm
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The lord of your home, our «Grey Cardinal» will secretly take care of a cozy family atmosphere in the home. The dining table always attracts attention as soon as you enter a room. In fact, it is the key element around which the entire decorative design of the room is built. And what the dining table will be depends not only on design decisions, but also on the mood in a room. «Grey Cardinal» will immediately attract the attention of guests and will silently tell about the fashion taste and style of its owner. It will fascinate you with the burl of elm, the deep wood patterns, and the mystery of the deep gray color of the epoxy resin.

A table made of epoxy resin is a modern fashionable thing in the house. Even small fragments of resin make ordinary household furniture more original and refined. In addition, such tables are easy to care for, they are tough and durable.

Our wooden dining table with epoxy resin will perfectly suit the classic style of your room, as well as the popular high-tech today, which is distinguished by simple geometric shapes and cold colors.

A well-chosen dining table will help to visually enlarge a room, and its correct placement will make the interior more functional. Despite its size, «Grey Cardinal» does not look too massive, but on the contrary adds a feeling of lightness. Six people will be accommodated araund  it, no problems. You can immediately buy the dining table with chairs, choosing them in different color options. In particular, not only our light chairs Anteywill sute well with the «Gray Cardinal», but also the black chairs that we put into production .

The dining table «Gray Cardinal» is the humble duke of your cozy kingdom!

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