Epoxy lamps — New in Design and Décor

Exclusive Epoxy Crystals

Epoxy potting crystals are a new phenomenon in wooden décor. Their design and appearance are unlike any other decoration. This effect can be achieved through the use of sections of various woods and epoxy potting.

We mainly use the Californian maple to create them, since this species of wood gives the impression that a fairy-tale world is formed inside the crystal. But some decorations were made of elm.

Each crystal identifies a certain element. After all, they contain the energy of 4 elements of the world: fire, water, earth, air. Your house can instantly reincarnate after placing one of the crystals. Crystal fire gives the room warmth and home comfort. Air — ease and harmony. Water — peace. Earth — protection and security.

But despite the fact that each crystal has its own mission and function, it is common that long-term observation causes a strong passion for the process. Therefore, the eyes are really difficult to take away.