Wood and epoxy resin products - style and naturalness that impress.

Furniture and decor made of wood and epoxy resin will make your interior unique. Like art, they will fill a home, office or any other space with new emotions, beauty, aesthetic perfection.

Kochut Interiors products are quality confirmed by experience and craftsmanship.

We work with valuable wood species: European walnut, California maple, wild olive, rock elm, etc. Epoxy resin is only certified and tested. Craftsmen create each product with attention to the smallest detail.

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Brand history

The brothers Yuriy, Roman and Ihor Kochut were fond of creating jewelry even in the senior years of school, but they began to make them professionally when they entered Uzhhorod National University. All three studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. This allowed them to acquire knowledge of metal processing technology, including chemical and mechanical.At first, the brothers made pendants and rings from copper, tin and brass, and later they started working with silver and precious stones. They set up their first mini-workshop at home, and in 2013, they founded Kochut, a company that produces designer jewelry.
In 2018, when the brothers began to equip the jewelry showroom, they faced the problem of selecting tables and display cases - it was difficult to find furniture that would match the spirit and style of the Kochut brand. That's when the idea to make the necessary furniture by hand came up. They chose wood and epoxy resin, the combination of which was as unique and original as the jewelry. And this was the best fit for the company's concept — to impress with authenticity, naturalness, sophistication. In this way, the production of tables for a jewelry showroom gave impetus to a new large and ambitious project of the Kochut Wood company. For 5 years, Kochut Wood grew, developed, impressed, became a powerful part of the Kochut company, and in 2023 reached the next peak — expanded the activity to the development of original interiors and redesign. Kochut Wood grew into Kochut Interiors.

The new direction of work did not affect the main idea that was laid in the foundation of Kochut Wood — the production of furniture and decor from wood and epoxy resin. On the contrary, the production has increased, because new tables, cabinets, chairs, and other furniture and decor are needed for each author's interior project from Kochut Interiors. The peculiarity of the interiors developed by the company is the use of wood and epoxy resin - materials with which the company has achieved great success and will continue to transform this experience.

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Try wood and epoxy products by touch

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