SKU: 4361
Made to order
Ice fog — wood and epoxy resin dining table (metal legs)
$4 122
SKU: 4361

Ice fog — wood and epoxy resin dining table (metal legs)

$4 122
Made to order
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List of woods:
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Table legs:
35 mm
1500 х 900 х 750 mm

Home. It's not even about style. This tiny word brings a different meaning to each of us.  It’s more about feeling yourself in every corner. A place where you know everything. The safest secret space. Сould you treat it with apathy? No, and this is why we want to give you the best. If wood then not just durable, but of good structure. If epoxy resin, then not only the most exquisite, but also of the highest quality.

Table. It completes the architecture of our home. It gives cosines with aromatic food or refreshes with iced drinks. It is directly involved in our daily breakfast or dinner ritual. After all, we just care what every day is all about. So our tables are exclusively for those who care. 

The "Ice Fog" dining table is special. No, not just special. Each item is unique. Unreal. Well, they are all real;). It makes You want to sit behind it and become a pure meditation. You want to eat only the most delicious and healthy food at it. Behind it (let’s be honest) You want to create and act even more! Milk foam of  the morning fog in the village. Clouds over favorite peaks. The time when everything is just beginning, promising all the best - here's what this dining table made of walnut wood and gray transparent epoxy resin is about.

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