SKU: 4539
Made to order
Ithaca — wood and epoxy resin coffee table
$2 484
SKU: 4539

Ithaca — wood and epoxy resin coffee table

$2 484
Made to order
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List of woods:
Wild olive
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
53 mm
620 х 620 х 500 mm
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Through history, to a mountain top, where a man settled before the beginning of the era. To the homeland of Odysseus and his beloved Penelope. We invite You to the place, where time bowed its head to beauty.

Itaka is called the best natural harbor in the world. The table, designed to become Your quiet harbor, was named after it. It feels like the wild olive still retains its unique smell. Here, as a part of the tabletop with a Greek island name, it found its place.

The “Itaka” coffee table is our invitation to the dimension where the world works differently. Here myths become real and the wooden peaks grow from crystal clear waters. Rendezvous of history and modernity. Take a closer look, feel it with Your touch and imagine Odysseus embracing his Penelope. Let the place You choose for this table bring the atmosphere of love and tranquility mixed with the aroma of wild olive.