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Maldives — coffee table
$10 788
SKU: 4789

Maldives — coffee table

$10 788
Made to order
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List of woods:
Transparent green epoxy resin
Table legs:
81 mm
980 х 980 х 600 mm
Depending on the lighting, the coffee table looks different
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The Maldives begins where the endless ocean gently envelops the shores of India and Sri Lanka, where the sunrise takes you to an exotic paradise with every ray, reminding you every day how beautiful life can be. The Maldives quietly whisper azure waves, tickle coral sand, touch the coolness of shady coconut trees. They gladly welcome refugees from the cold winter and give them their endless tropical summer.

The  coffee table «Maldives» is our piece of warm summer for you. It conveys the enchanting landscapes of exotic islands and the pleasant feeling of their natural perfection. The maple burl, which we used to create the «heart» of the tabletop, with its natural texture perfectly reproduces the coral beaches of the Maldives, and the slightly colored epoxy resin is similar to the gentle azure that beckons the Indian Ocean.

Due to its rounded shape, the coffee table is safer to use, especially for families with children or pets. So you can happily forget about the sharp corners that even adults often have to hit. A special coating protects the coffee table from moisture penetration, which in turn increases its wear resistance. In addition, due to the coating, fingerprints do not remain on the surface, which is important, given the transparency of the tabletop and its similarity to glass. But epoxy resin is only visually similar to glass. According to its structure, it is much stronger and after hardening turns into a reliable stable material, which, on par with wood, ensures the durability of products.

The designer leg for the coffee table is a ready-made product and does not require additional assembly of the structure. In addition, it is already connected to the tabletop and the owner will not have to waste time to screw them. The shape of the leg is specially designed to hold the massive tabletop, the thickness of which reaches almost 10 cm.

Today, coffee tables are made of wood and epoxy resin are a trendy interior design solution. They add style, casual extravagance, and natural elegance to the room. Place it in any part of the room and it will become the central element around which the entire ecosystem of your space will be formed.

Although the coffee table «Maldives» looks like an artistic masterpiece, which is scary to touch in order not to accidentally damage it, it totally fulfills its immediate functions. You can put magazines, several books on it, or put a vase with flowers, various trinkets that will not interfere with the style of the interior as a whole. Exclusive home decor are made of wood and epoxy resin can be found at the link.

Harmoniously place our coffee table in the interior and enjoy tea behind it, dreaming of the exotic Maldives. You can also discuss plans, or hold informal negotiations over coffee, if you decide to put it in a study or office. With its color palette and extraordinary wood texture, «Maldives» will delicately dilute the severity of the office style, the main thing is to arrange everything correctly.

If necessary, you can buy a coffee table immediately with cozy, soft armchairs. In particular, pay attention to our «Antey». Armchairs of this series have an interesting design, are easy to use and can be made with different types of upholstery.

How to care for products are made of wood and epoxy resin is described in detail here. Usually, these tips do not create additional complications and those who follow them prolong the perfect condition of the products for many years. Thus, the coffee table «Maldives»  will never cease to fascinate you with its perfection. And when you repeatedly touch its delicate surface, fleetingly catching with your eye the smallest details of natural texture and shades, you will image yourself among the azure coast with coral beaches.

The coffee table «Maldives»  - when heavenly exoticism touches your life!

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