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Creating wooden works by hand is not just throwing a stamp on a slab. It is an art that requires skill, a sense of aesthetic and inspiration.

Kochut Wood Exclusive Products

Kochut Wood is the subdivision of our brand that produces tables and other pieces from natural wood. We often feature epoxy resin in our work, which makes our products both captivating in appearance and unquestionably original.

Wooden tables and wooden products from Kochut

The History of Kochut Wood

In 2018, we began the process of outfitting and decorating our showroom. We wanted to create a space for our clients where everything would correspond to the spirit and style of our brand. At the design planning stage, we could not find tables or displays that really met or exceeded our expectations. Seeing as we didn't like anything we were considering, the idea arose to create the tables ourselves. There had to be something special about the tables, though, which is where the epoxy resin came in. At that moment, we uncovered a new project that would come to be called Kochut Wood.
We liked the results of our work and decided to continue exploring this new direction based in the production of dining tables, coffee tables, wooden clocks, bar counters and other wood products. We started working with classic types of wood, including oak, walnut and maple, as well as exotic ones such as bog oak, American walnut and Japanese pagoda.

Our pledge to create our products by hand remained. Surrendering our pieces to mass manufacturing would mean that each piece would lose its uniqueness and history.

Try the feel and style of Kochut products for yourself in your home today!

Try the feel and style of Kochut products for yourself in your home today!

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