Beaufort. Sapphire — board for cheese and wine
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SKU: 4321

Beaufort. Sapphire — board for cheese and wine

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List of woods:
European walnut
Pearlescent Epoxy
L: 492 mm x W: 257 mm
1 kg
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Gentle «Beaufort» is often served with fish, and it is also perfectly combined with white wine. It is considered an elite cold snack and is very popular in French and Italian restaurants. And when you find yourself among the alpine landscapes in the Beaufortin or Maurienne valleys, this cheese becomes indescribably appetizing. It is there, among the picturesque valleys of the highlands, that the traditional «Beaufort» is born,  you can eat it endlessly.

Our elegant board for cheese and wine «Beaufort» was created to remind you of the freshness of the Alps and the perfect taste of the cheese every time. It is hand-crafted from solid European walnut, filled with safe-to-use epoxy resin and finished with an ecological oil-wax base. In addition, the serving board has small shaped recesses, aesthetically dividing the surface into three sectors, in which you can put different types of cheese. An flat part of «Beaufort» is suitable for two glasses of wine or one wine bottle. However, in general, this serving board can also be used for cutting meat, fruits, nuts and other cold snacks. For example, cheese with honey or slices of freshly baked bread looks appetizing. The wooden handle, which is the harmonious continuation of the base of the board, makes the product as comfortable as possible to use. Due to it will be much more comfortable to carry cold snacks.

The serving board «Beaufor» is not only a functional product for practical and stylish table setting at home or in a restaurant. Its original design will enrich the interior of a small kitchen and help to place the necessary accents in a large one. As a home decoration, the product can be placed even in the living room, leaving it on a dining table or placing it on a nightstand, one of a shelves of a wardrobe, or a coffee table. The serving board will attract attention with the natural texture of the wood and the rich colors of the epoxy resin, which have an interesting and beautiful reflection due to a pearl. The assortment includes emerald, sapphire, pearl and «black pearl» boards.

«Beaufort» is a great gift for a mother, friend, wife. It will also be liked by gourmets who like appetizing presentations of various dishes. And if you are expecting a romantic dinner for two or a large family dinner – «Beaufort» will undoubtedly also be useful. It is also appropriate to buy a board for serving cheese and wine if you are looking for a house warming gift. For perfect table setting, you can choose stylish napkin holders are made of wood and epoxy resin or candle holders. By the way, they are often ordered as an original gift for the holidays.

Natural wood, exclusive design, aesthetics, high-quality certified materials – our «Beaufort» is as perfect as the elite cheese of the same name from the alpine valleys. And like any special thing, it needs special care. In particular, it is necessary to avoid temperature changes, do not put hot objects on the surface, otherwise the board will lose its original appearance. It is «afraid» of delicate «Beaufort» and sharp objects, so it is better to cut food on another cutting board. Forget about the dishwasher, this wood serving board is easy to wash by hand using warm water and non-corrosive detergents. Read more about wood and epoxy products and how to care for them at the link.

The board for serving cheese and wine «Beaufort» – when you feel special every time!

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