Pesto — a plate for cheese and wine
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SKU: 4713

Pesto — a plate for cheese and wine

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List of woods:
European walnut
Pearlescent Epoxy
L: 480 mm x W: 260 mm

Kitchenware as art. A platter that changes your entire perception of what a meal can be.

The ritual of serving food to others is so easy to trivialize. All you have to do is prepare a banal slab on which even the most spectacular snacks will sputter and fade into mundane morsels. Fortunately, this is easy to avoid with the appearance of our new «Pesto» platters, made from European walnut and emerald epoxy. 

They can handle anything from cheeses for a wine tasting to avocado toast and kombucha. A platter like this will make every day in your kitchen into something special. 

Fire up all of your receptors. Discover a new level of satisfaction and quality.