Spartacus — dinning table
$6 860
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SKU: 5633

Spartacus — dinning table

$6 860
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List of woods:
Epoxy resin
Table legs:
43 mm
L: 2400 mm x W: 1070 mm x H: 740 mm

He was a proud Thracian who was not conquered by slavery, he had high moral values ​​and fought for the weak. The fearless gladiator Spartacus led the people, winning victory and victory. Despite the fact that the soldier was physically strong and resourceful, historical chronicles remember his kindness. The small man who shook the Roman Empire, the big heart that «burned» for hundreds of the poor.

We tried to put this noble unconquered power into the table «Spartacus» and convey its power and softness at the same time. With the help of an European walnut, the wood of which has similar features to the strong-willed hero, we managed to do that. The table has the wavy «living edge», which smoothes its brutal austerity. The natural straight texture of the wood, black inserts is made of an epoxy resin and deep brown color add to the product's poise and solidity.

Before buying a wooden table with «character», you need to decide whether it will suit you not only for the interior, but also for emotional feelings. Such an acquisition is always a new story in the house, new impressions, perceptions. It should sute its owner completely. In addition, the dining table is one of the most important elements of home furniture. The whole family gathers for him, there are celebrations, meetings with friends.

Due to its size, our table is suitable for large families, behind it each guest will have his own place, where he will be nice to taste generous treats. Importantly, «Spartacus», like the Roman hero, protects, because it has no sharp corners. In thas way the table is safer for children.

The dining table «Spartacus» is the strength of a gladiator in order to care for you!

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