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Morpheus — wood and epoxy resin dining table
$2 834
SKU: 5773

Morpheus — wood and epoxy resin dining table

$2 834
Made to order
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List of woods:
European walnut
Black opaque epoxy resin
Table legs:
Painted metal
35 mm
1200 х 700 х 750 mm
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He comes in a dream and evokes sweet delusions that you want to make real. He is not an oracle, but often prophesies, not a hero, but always with them. The god of dreams Morpheus is different, but he can be easily recognized by the color of the night. And when the first twilight falls on your eyelashes, he is ready to come to everyone, pleasantly fall asleep with good stories, inspire dreams, reveal the most secret desires.

The dining table «Morpheus»  began with dreams, thoughts, and wishes. We aimed to create a comfortable table at a convenient price. Various methods were tried, technological improvements were made. In the end, we managed to produce a high-quality premium class dining table with a loyal price. European walnut was used as a basis. It is a strong and hardy tree that belongs to valuable kinds. Furniture are made of it has high wear resistance and reliably performs its direct functions for years. In addition, European walnut wood has decoratively beautiful natural shades and texture, due to each product looks original.

With such a natural ornament that was created by weaving and unpredictable curves of age lines, the dining table «Morpheus» will be a decoration of any interior in your kitchen or living room. Restrained shades of wood will elegantly complement the overall style of the room, and black epoxy resin will be the accent that is sometimes so lacking for the integrity of the image. Too much black in the interior can be burdensome, but a small, well-chosen, part of it will add expressive features and visual dynamism to the space.

Given the trendiness and modernity, tables are made of wood and epoxy resin are a good solution for your interior if you are used to impressed and appreciate aesthetics. They impress every time with their original textures and shades, on which nature worked diligently. And dining tables are made of wood and epoxy resin are also an opportunity to enjoy not only food every day, but also a decorative tabletop that, like a tablecloth, decorates every breakfast, lunch, dinner, even if you only eat sandwiches.

We use only tested and certified materials in order to make all our products. Epoxy resin is innoxious to use and meets European standards, and the wood are processed professionally before reaching the master's hands. The production process is controlled at every stage, so tables by the manufacturer are an excellent guarantee of durability.

The standard dimensions of «Morpheus» allow 4 people to be comfortably sitting, so it is ideal for a small family. A little more than a meter in length is convenient for small kitchens, and the small thickness of the tabletop makes the dining table lighter than usual. In addition, decorative metal legs in the form of close triangles not only look interesting, but also stronly hold the tabletop. You can screw them on own yourself without too much difficulty. We add all the necessary fasteners in the set.

The special coating makes the surface of the table moisture-resistant, protects against minor damage, deep penetration of stains, fingerprints, and also provides pleasant tactile sensations. But in order to the appearance of the product to remain new as long as possible, it must be properly cared for. How to do it, we tell you at the link.

Buying a dining table «Morpheus» does not mean having other piece of the interior, it is a new part of your family. You will not only eat at it, but also discuss important moments of your life, interesting stories, make important decisions, consulting with a loved one, etc. So form your own coziness responsibly. And you can complement the dining table with exclusive kitchen decor are made of wood and epoxy resin. In particular, napkin holders will pleasantly surprise you, you can find them here. You can also choose stylish wooden chairs from the «Antey» series for the table or make them to order.

The dining table «Morpheus» – in the arms of sweet dreams that become reality!

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