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Soulwood — wood and epoxy resin coffee table
$2 730
SKU: 5659

Soulwood — wood and epoxy resin coffee table

$2 730
Made to order
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List of woods:
California maple
Transparent epoxy resin
Table legs:
Painted metal
700 х 700 х 460 mm

In every movement of the branch and whisper of the leaves it lives, the strong and indomitable Soul of the wood. It talks to the winds and greets the sun, it argues with the first coolness and resents the terrible frost, plays with the swift squirrels and dreams of new horizons with the birds. Touching the heart of the earth with its roots, it reaches for the boundless sky, living century after century. And with each bend of the age line, it gains the wisdom of this world and gives it to whoever dares to unravel the sacred mysteries. Sincere and genuine in its naturalness, the Soul of the wood does not reveal its noble and beautiful soul, full of goodness, to everyone. But if it do it, you will be enchanted by its greatness.

Our coffee table «Soulwood» is the bold attempt to show all the beauty of the soul of wood, its truth and originality, frankness and energy. To do this, we took the burl of California maple with a finished ornament and transparent epoxy resin. Airy, almost imperceptible, resin is the beautiful transparent canvas, against the background of which the wood can be seen as best as possible, taking away all the attention.

The coffee table has a classic square shape and dimensions. This makes it convenient and compact. It will not take up much space in the interior, but at the same time will become an appropriate stylish part of it. The coffee table «Soulwood» can be placed in the center of a living room in front of a sofa, or placed on a side under the wall if a room is small, or in one of corners, arranging a comfortable area for relaxation there by adding a couple of comfortable chairs. The shape of the table contributes to such interior functionality.

Coffee tables are made of wood and epoxy resin are an unusual option for furnishing your space, but they are increasingly chosen for their beauty and durability. The materials used for the manufacture of «Soulwood» are of high quality, purchased from verified suppliers and stored in the special conditions that they require. California maple is a wood that belongs to valuable species, it is strong and reliable. That is why it is often chosen for the manufacture of furniture. Due to its properties, epoxy resin after plasticization becomes as strong as wood, although it looks like fragile glass.

Despite the fact that the coffee table «Soulwood»  seems to be made of glass, it is easy and easier to care for than glass coffee tables. A special coating protects it from such «pain» as fingerprints, which usually remain on transparent surfaces. To keep this coffee table in order, a simple wet cleaning is enough, and in case of scratches, the surface can be easily restored.

Coasters will help protect «Soulwood» from excessive using, because too hot objects can cause the coffee table to lose its natural beauty, especially if you do it often. And drinking tea or coffee at this picturesque table is always pleasant.

Buying the coffee table made of wood and epoxy resin is the useful pleasure that cannot be denied. It will make your interior more alive, saturated with bright impressions. Every moment spent with it, it's like a piece of nature intertwines with you and shares full pure energy.

The coffee table «Soulwood» is the open beauty of nature, before which the soul melts!

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