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Birmingham — coffee table
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SKU: 5047

Birmingham — coffee table

$2 096
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List of woods:
Rock elm
Transparant epoxy resin
Table legs:
38 mm
L: 800 mm x W: 550 mm x H: 450 mm

Birmingham. The city with a history of seven centuries, which today is on par with London's rhythm of life, fascinates with the movement of its crowded streets. There, modern architecture harmoniously intertwines with old quarters, where you can still feel the spirit of the Victorian era in fragments. There, the facades of the buildings are decorated with baroque, and the sky is touched by pointed Gothic churches. And when Big Bram show every hour the time, you want to move even faster in order to have time to conquer the rhythm of this metropolis.

The coffee table «Birmingham» has the name of the English city for a reason. If you look down at this table, you immediately feel the same turbulent flow of energy, power, lively movement of the city, where the past and the present are intertwined. The coffee table, in which the classics of wood are combined with modern epoxy resin, has a dynamic interweaving of past and present.

The sense of rhythm in «Birmingham» is created by age-old elm lines. On the burl sections, they are placed chaotically, like waves that obediently change their movement during the breath of the wind. And straight, like highways, lines on even tree fragments continue to transmit speed in each vertical.

With clear epoxy, the coffee table looks lighter and lighter, and in certain lighting, it gives the appearance of fog, a typical phenomenon in British urban landscapes. Also, the river-like look of the epoxy resin is reminiscent of the numerous river channels that run through vibrant Birmingham.

The coffee table, like Birmingham, inspires with its natural style. Functional and ergonomic, it will not take up a lot of space in your living room, but will undoubtedly decorate it. The rounded corners make the coffee table safer and more original than the sharp-angled classics, although the shape of the product still has the standard usual rectangle. It can be placed in any part of the room on which you want to focus attention, because «Birmingham» cannot do without attention. This coffee table will always be a talking point for your guests.

Elm wood in combination with epoxy resin is hard and trouble-free. The quality of furniture from this raw material has been decorating the interiors of its owners for years. It is important to remember that «Birmingham» is not just the coffee table, it is a stylish and ecological home decor that continues to be in trend today.

The special cover makes our coffee table waterproof and pleasant to the touch, it does not leave fingerprints and is more resistant to scratches, in which case it can be easily polished and give the product a new look. Although, to be honest, when any tables made of wood and epoxy resin are in careful hands, restoration will not be needed. Proper care of the coffee table will extend its durability. In particular, take care of the cup holders so as not to test the surface with hot temperatures.

Coffee table «Birmingham» – when you touch the past and the present at the same time!

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