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Shinto — wood and epoxy resin coffee table
$2 268
SKU: 5704

Shinto — wood and epoxy resin coffee table

$2 268
Made to order
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List of woods:
California maple
Transparent epoxy resin
Table legs:
40 mm
700 х 700 х 450 mm
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Between gentle heavenly clouds and rough earthly roads, noble kami walk, they create harmony in the world and rejoice in it infinitely. These spirits embody the best moral values ​​and see the good in every person. They can become a river, a tree, a rock or anything else and endlessly fill the thoughts of everyone who follows Shinto traditions with the belief of happiness and joy. Shinto is an important part of life for many Japanese. This religion and teachings are permeated with love for man and pure hedonism, showing the value of the present, the importance of the moment in which you are «here and now». For the Japanese, Shinto is the way of the gods, beautiful, pure, frank.

In order not to waste life due to an unchanging past or a ghostly future, we created a small reminder of the beautiful moment of the present. «Shinto» coffee table is embedded with the same hedonistic concept of love and the value of present moments as in the ancient Japanese belief. If you fantasize a little, then on the surface of the table you can even see the lightness of ghostly kami hidden among the clouds and feel their warm energy of goodness. Yes, the coffee table, small in size, created to decorate the interior and perform basic functions, is much deeper in its meaning than it may seem at first glance. And if you are ready to walk your own «path of the gods», truly discovering life, the coffee table «Shinto» is created for you.

Base of it is a yellowish-white maple, or rather, its burls sections, which have wavy «living edges». Burls are linearly arranged in a perfect circle, symbolizing the harmony and balance of the various particles. And the decorative and original structure of the tree reminds us of the unique beauty of nature and the unpredictable turns of life's paths, in which you can always see something good. The main thing is to look wider, think bigger. Transparent epoxy resin complements the coffee table with lightness, simplicity, and openness. It creates space around the fragments of wood, as if lifting them in the air.

The coffee table is made of high-quality certified materials. We always choose the best wood of valuable species and proven epoxy resin that is safe to use. Ecological and reliable materials ensure the strength and durability of our products. Modern coating helps to keep the coffee table in perfect condition for as long as possible. It makes the surface pleasant to the touch, and most importantly, it is water resistant and protects against  stains and fingerprints, which are especially noticeable on glass tabletops.

The advantage of epoxy resin is that visually it looks like fragile glass and turns any products into stylish masterpieces, but after hardening, it becomes so strong that it is almost impossible to break, compared to glass. And even those scratches that may appear due to many years of use, easily disappear under polishing and grinding – the coffee table will be like new. Although, if you take good care of it from the beginning, such a restoration will not be necessary.

A coffee table made of wood and epoxy resin is not only a useful, trendy thing in your living room or office, but also a profitable personal investment that will emphasize your image, taste and status. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of living «here and now». Choose the best of the best, so that later you do not regret the indecision of actions and the suppression of desires.

The most natural and original «Shinto» will become an elegant addition to the interior, will make its overall composition more complete and expressive. A vase or a plate with fruit, flowers, or a couple of cups of coffee, tea, or a one glass or two of wine, whiskey, bourbon will be perfectly placed on it – everyone has their own ideas about small pieces of happy moments that make up a beautiful day. Buying «Shinto» coffee table means choosing another piece of your ideal present. Harmonize your space at your own discretion.

The coffee table «Shinto» – when you create reality!

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