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Obsidian — wood and epoxy resin сoffee table
$1 397
SKU: 7002

Obsidian — wood and epoxy resin сoffee table

$1 397
In Stock
Available in showroom:
Kyiv (SC 4ROOM)
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List of woods:
European walnut
Black pearl epoxy resin
Table legs:
Wood (ash)
40 mm
L: 550 mm x W: 550 mm x H: 450 mm
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What is the name about?

Obsidian appeared from a volcano. This deep-black stone, sometimes with gray-white specks, nowadays decorates various jewelry, but thousands of years ago it was used to make ordinary household tools. Created by the powerful force of condensed lava, this precious and exceptional stone has its own magical charm that is hard to resist.

What is its beauty

The Obsidian coffee table resembles a precious stone. It combines exclusivity and natural beauty, simplicity and elegance. This small coffee table attracts attention with the natural texture of European walnut, its restrained harmony of brown shades, which diverge in a pleasant gradient on the surface. Black epoxy resin with light interspersions of mother-of-pearl clearly stands out against the background of walnut, it is like condensed lava on the surface of the earth, from which precious obsidian has already formed. And the carefully cut surface of the table makes it look like a medallion, whose task is to constantly remind of something important.

What is the convenience

The Obsidian coffee table has small dimensions and weight. This allows you to move it from place to place without any obstacles. In particular, you can take it out to the balcony or terrace for a while to enjoy coffee or breakfast in the fresh air. Although Obsidian is small, it fully fulfills the functions of coffee tables. You can put a vase with flowers on it, put your favorite magazines or a book you plan to read while relaxing, a TV remote control, or something else.

It is also easy to care for, because a special protective coating prevents deep penetration of stains, and, if necessary, such a table is easy to restore. However, to keep it looking new for as long as possible, we advise you to review some tips on how to properly use wood and epoxy products. We tell you about it at the link.

What is the quality

The coffee table is made of valuable wood: the tabletop is made of European walnut, the legs are made of ash. These wood not only have a beautiful texture, but are also strong and durable, so table are such too. We use proven epoxy resin that meets quality standards. Products are made from it do not emit an odor and are completely safe for household use. Documents confirming this you can be viewed at the link. The protective coating increases the wear resistance of the table, because it makes it moisture-resistant and less vulnerable to mechanical damage. The legs are securely attached to the tabletop with screws.

Why should you buy it?

Practical and stylish, it is worth buying an Obsidian coffee table to decorate your home with an exclusive item that will impress with its appearance and make the space of the room more functional and comfortable. A particularly good option is for small apartments, where there is not much free space, but you want to have a detail that would add comfort and convenience. Obsidian will become a useful decoration for the interior, which will remind of the beauty of nature, the beauty of unique and special, because of the unique pattern of age lines on the wood, unpredictable overflows of resin someone else will not have identical coffee table.

Coffee table Obsidian  jewelry art of nature!

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