Fire — crystal of maple and red epoxy resin
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SKU: 3043

Fire — crystal of maple and red epoxy resin

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List of woods:
Red epoxy resin
L: 190 mm x W: 120 mm x H: 50 mm
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This is no ordinary maple wood product. It is a magical crystal made of epoxy resin, symbolizing a powerful fire — the element of change, desire and passion. To some extent, this element brings all the magic, because the meaning of all magic is changeable. The magic of fire is fearsome, but its effect is always fascinating and almost instant. 

 By creating an epoxy crystal, we wanted to get a magical interior decor that would always inspire You and symbolize the inner power. After all, a mighty power burns inside everyone. 

This crystal will perfectly fit both a cozy home and an office, where life and energy of people always goes round.

P.S. The price of crystals depends on the sizes.