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Quantum — wood and epoxy resin wall clock
SKU: 5596

Quantum — wood and epoxy resin wall clock

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List of woods:
Rock elm
Blue pearl epoxy resin
Silent mechanism
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Transience. What is the average life expectancy of a person? 60-70 years? Well, in developed countries it's longer, let's take into account isolated cases of long-lived people. Almost 100 years! How much can you do in this time? Raise children, develop a vaccine, launch a project, find a new planet, or banal it's nothing? Sometimes the routine take you so much that you sometimes forget about the fleetingness of time. And it moves constantly, it is enough to look at a clock.

Transience is embedded in nature from its foundations. Even the seemingly eternal, energetic elementary particles that move at the speed of light and trigger all processes and phenomena have their finish. Most of them cannot live longer than two millionths of a second. Positrons and antiprotons from the collision annihilate each other, photons, the so-called light quanta that we see during the glow of a table lamp, live no longer than 10 seconds - this is the time they need to reach the page of your favorite book and be absorbed by a paper. Of course, there are also long-lived ones - free neutrons that exist for about 15 minutes.

A quantum is a portion of the energy of different particles that appear during their interaction. It is like a light of life. It was with thoughts about its importance that we created our wall clock. Confidently directing the arrows, it seems to silently say: «Let's catching your main moment». And the blue particle of epoxy resin unobtrusively reminds of the distant infinity of space.

The clock with an original discreet design will decorate the wall of any room: from a cozy bedroom to an office space. It will become that small detail that will make the interior more complete and cozy. It is important that our wall clock «Quantum» is made of environmentally friendly materials, which makes it safe to use, and has the quality guarantee. We also selected the reliable mechanism that will accurately measure time.

To buy a clock is to take the first step towards organizing your own life, to highlight the main things in it and move the secondary ones. Don't miss your important moment!

The clock «Quantum» is a powerful energy of your time!

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