Carbonado — side table from elm and epoxy resin
$2 890
SKU: 5064
SKU: 5064

Carbonado — side table from elm and epoxy resin

$2 890
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List of woods:
epoxy resin
Table legs:
wood, metal
75 mm
L: 820 mm x W: 620 mm x H: 450 mm

The «Carbonado» side table embodies balance and style on a planetary scale.

It is a work of jewellery in wood with great emphasis on contrasts as well as a hint at the materials’ cosmic origins. The strength of elm and the smoothness of its shades pour out of the piece. 

In nature, carbonado is a crystal that is even harder than diamond. According to one theory, carbonado was transported to our planet by meteorites formed after a supernova event. As a result, this is the only name we could give to this table.

We treasure every product that we make, but there was something particularly thrilling about making the «Carbonado». The strength of its wooden legs, the compactness that conceals miles of luxury. If life is a game, then nature is our one unfailing and perennial trump card.

The «Carbonado» side table — the aesthetics of eternity transported to your living room or kitchen.