SKU: 4607
Made to order
Twilight fog — wood and epoxy resin coffee table
$1 602
SKU: 4607

Twilight fog — wood and epoxy resin coffee table

$1 602
Made to order
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List of woods:
European walnut
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Table legs:
Wood (walnut)
40 mm
950 х 500 х 500 mm

During the day, your eyes catch a hundred things, and your hands touch hundreds of details. Everything rushes past you and you rush past everything. Sometimes even because of myself. Now imagine that around you furniture that soothes. I want to touch their velvet surface and feel the unconditional tenderness. And then for a long time to look at each bend of the tree, feeling the grandeur of nature in its small piece.

Sometimes we spend years looking for pleasure and joy in something global, forgetting what we are dealing with every day. And this is exactly what the life we ​​are creating right now consists of every day.

The Twilight Fog coffee table is a total synergy of walnut wood and transparent epoxy. Endless fun where you never expected.

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