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Triad — coffee tables
$6 588
SKU: 4834

Triad — coffee tables

$6 588
Made to order
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List of woods:
Pock elm
Transparent gray epoxy resin
Table legs:
40 mm
Length: 770 - 520 mm; Width: 660 - 440 mm; Height: 500 - 370 mm.

This set spent a long time tucked away in our imaginations. It was there when we looked on at nature and wondered how its myriad systems could work together so well. It loomed when we admired the power of a team of people united by a powerful idea. 

The «Triad» is a new and miraculous homage to nature. Its purpose is to be the piece in your home that seems to stop time itself. When the early morning rays of sun fall on the delicate elm, you will most certainly take a moment to look around the room, flooded with light and filled with your things, and know that today will be another wonderful day in your life. There is no greater source of happiness than you yourself.

Dark, cutting legs of ash support a gentle tabletop, reminding us of the importance of balance in all things. Comfort is not just something you feel. It is also what you see. Comfort is the resonance of things around you and your thoughts. It is that which makes sense, especially now that you have come looking for a way to bring a little bit of nature home. A table made of exclusively natural materials for your exceptional sense of zen, exclusively from Kochut.