SKU: 4156
Made to order
Armagnac — wood and epoxy resin dining table
$8 424
SKU: 4156

Armagnac — wood and epoxy resin dining table

$8 424
Made to order
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List of woods:
European walnut
Pearl brown epoxy resin
Acrylic varnish
Table legs:
35 mm
2200 х 1000 х 760 mm

There are many ways to start a day successfully. One of them is starting it at the Armagnac table. Drink a cup of aromatic coffee or tea and make sure once again that You are surrounded by beauty.

Behind it you can feel notes of vanilla, peach or hazelnut. No wonder, because the table named after the original drink cannot be ordinary. Just like Armagnac itself, it needs to be savored for a long time with all the senses, until the fragrant bouquet is fully opened.

Armagnac is originally from Gascony — the historical part of France. In the 14th century, it was credited with a beneficial effect on the human body, because they believed that the word Armagnac is aygue ardente («water of life» in the Gascon dialect). Now they drink it, heating the cup with warm hands, so that the drink shows all its unique taste and aroma.

Both are strong, flawless and exciting. One of them is sustainable. The other — restrained. But like Armagnac, the table would be appreciated by a true connoisseur, who knows the value of something rare.

Each meal at this table turns into an exquisite savouring. Are you ready for such a decision for your interior? Imagine how a walnut wood warms a room with its glow, and a silk surface gives a pleasant, almost glossy, sensation. The rich dark brown color of the thick resin is spreading under acrylic varnish. And you feel that you made the right choice.

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