SKU: 4296
Made to order
Geometry of the Universe — table-console
$1 656
SKU: 4296

Geometry of the Universe — table-console

$1 656
Made to order
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List of woods:
Pearlescent white-blue epoxy resin
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
33 mm
L: 800 mm x W: 300 mm x H: 800 mm
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Imagine the world where everything is natural, perfect and just. Where the Universe sends signs every day to make You feel confident. It seems, in this nature it is simply impossible to be unhappy.

Now imagine that this world is ours. Just move a bit further beyond Your usual perception. It is said the great is seen from a distance. The role of the Creator belongs not only to the Supreme Mind. Everyone who breathes is a Creator. And we are irreplaceable puzzles, creating a full picture. In this Tetris world game, every single creature is the right figure.

Enough thoughts about imperfection – that is what we express through our products. Our new console table ‘Geometry of the Universe’ is a real hint that everything is right in this world because everything is connected. While cosmic clusters create celestial space in the macro-universe, people in the micro-universe join into social clusters and build terrestrial life.  Meanwhile, bees construct a true miracle of nature – honeycombs.

If things could talk, this table would  reveal all the secrets of the Universe. But for now, just look at it. See how the pearl epoxy filling blends unmatchable colors, uncompromisingly wrapping the wood, making the table a perfect complement to a modern interior. We covered the table with a polyurethane varnish for a silky surface. Notice how the color and geometric shape of the legs fit the table and make it a perfect guest in Your home.