Bianco — cabinet from elm and epoxy resin.
$5 250
SKU: 4751
SKU: 4751

Bianco — cabinet from elm and epoxy resin.

$5 250
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List of woods:
epoxy resin
Table legs:
22 mm
L: 1600 mm x W: 400 mm x H: 550 mm

Future Classics.

If furniture from Kochut Wood can be considered art, then this is a masterpiece. You will remember it no matter where you may be: at home, visiting a friend, or wherever you are standing or sitting as you leaf through the above photographs. The piece’s form and shades speak for themselves. This time, our entire philosophy was concentrated in one word and idea: beauty.

Start your day with it and you will be filled with the power to create.

Take a glance at it in the calm of the evening to fully appreciate the circumstances that brought something truly exquisite into your home.

This is a piece with a single conviction: pieces that do not inspire no longer have a place in modern interiors. 

Be sure to examine all of the photographs in order to open the cabinet and have a look inside. You’ll be even more surprised by what you find. 

Exemplary, premium originality — the «Bianco» cabinet.

Materials: elm, epoxy, acrylic.