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Wabi-Sabi. Crystal — the set of coasters, 6 pieces
SKU: 5604

Wabi-Sabi. Crystal — the set of coasters, 6 pieces

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List of woods:
Wild olive
Epoxy resin
The price depends on the amount of items in the set Size:
L: 3,9 inch x W: 3,9 inch x H: 0,2 inch
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Holding a cup of tea, which exudes seductive herbs and calm, you can catch a moment of inner perfection, forget for a moment about worries and fully feel the so-called «wabi-sabi». It is the Japanese philosophy to notice value in small things, beauty in unusual, ordinary things.

The perfection of the tea ceremony alone with myself creates not only the place, but also all the tea paraphernalia, which are lovingly selected by the masters. Small painted teapots, cups, vases with flowers, aromatic mixtures, various coasters - all this allows you to walk the real «tea path» and feel the appeal of ordinary things.

Our coasters are made from unfinished pieces of wood and an aesthetically perfect epoxy resin that gently envelops them and combines them into the new perfect object. Every detail is in its place, every curve, every color. Chosen with such harmony as every detail of a perfect tea ceremony.

And it isn't at all necessary to run away to a forest or to mountains to Tibetan monks in order to looking for your harmony. All you need is looking for «yours»: your own place where no one will disturb you, your invigorating tea, an unpretentious teapot, a cup to match your mood and a coaster with your favorite color.

The crystal is colorless, but it is no less beautiful. It is said that these are the tears of the gods that fell to the ground, absorbing their power. Some consider the mineral a wonderful frozen breath. But be that as it may, rock crystal is filled with light, positive energy that it spreads around. It perfectly calms and helps to get rid of negativity. Coasters with crystal color have their own energy of goodness because they are made with the good mood of the master.

It isn't a problem to find an extraordinary gift for a birthday, to congratulate on Mother's Day or to pick up a souvenir to remember some wonderful moments spent together. Coasters won't only be something useful, but will also be the original element of decor.

The small colorful piece of happiness on your table sounds without exaggeration if you fill it in meaning. If you buy it thinking about yourself in anticipation of a perfect tea party, if you choose it for a loved one, knowing their color tastes, or order it for your best friend, whom you will not see for a long time.

Simplicity is what surrounds us every day, the beauty in it is the little pieces that make us happy.

The set of coasters «Wabi-Sabi. Crystal» – collect your kaleidoscope of positive emotions.

There are 6 pieces in the set.
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