Epoxy River Dining Tables

Why I Should Buy an Epoxy River Table for My Dining room?

All dining tables available on the market today have their advantages and disadvantages, and everyone chooses what suits them best for their home. While a glass table might look good in the interior, it can be cold and cannot be repaired if damaged. Tables made of chipboard (particle board) are affordable, but you cannot be entirely sure of their quality and the absence of harmful fumes. Therefore, the choice often falls on wood, a material that mankind has trusted for over 2,000 years. Wood is durable, wear-resistant, warm to the touch, and can be restored. Its unique appearance and purpose make it a popular choice for those who want a practical yet artistic piece in their home. If you are considering buying a dining table made of wood, chances are you have already decided that you want something that combines practicality with art. After all, it is for you that we make it.

If you are looking for a dining table that combines the warmth and durability of wood with a unique and artistic touch, you might want to consider an epoxy river table. These tables are made by combining a wooden slab with a transparent epoxy resin that creates a beautiful and mesmerizing effect, resembling a river or a stream flowing through the table's surface.

Benefits of Epoxy River Tables

One of the main advantages of an epoxy river table is its aesthetic appeal. The combination of the natural patterns and textures of the wood with the smooth and glossy finish of the resin creates a stunning and eye-catching piece of furniture that will make a statement in any dining room. Moreover, epoxy resin is highly customizable, allowing you to choose from a wide range of colors, pigments, and effects to create a unique and personalized design that matches your style and taste.

Another advantage of an epoxy river table is its durability and practicality. The epoxy resin creates a waterproof and scratch-resistant surface that can withstand spills, heat, and everyday wear and tear. The wooden slab, on the other hand, provides a sturdy and stable base that can support the weight of the table and the items on it. Furthermore, epoxy river tables are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a soft cloth and mild detergent to keep them looking as good as new.

Finally, an epoxy river table is not only a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture, but it also tells a story. Each table is unique and one-of-a-kind, reflecting the natural beauty and character of the wood used to make it. It is a conversation starter and a piece of art that adds personality and charm to your dining room.

What is a Good Epoxy Table?

Quality includes great materials and amazing of workmanship. Only with these two components is it possible to create a product that you will not doubt about a long time.

Things you should pay attention to when buying a dining epoxy table:

  • Quality of the wood. The wood should be hard, durable, and properly dried to ensure its longevity.
  • — Great tabletop. The tabletop should also be pleasant to the touch, and even in a rectangular shape, it should not have sharp corners.
  • — Superb epoxy. The epoxy resin must also be hard, resistant to ultraviolet light, and not bend under pressure. It should be free of any waviness or surface irregularities, and a well-filled epoxy should be clean, transparent, and free of dirt, scratches, and bubbles.
  • — Coating. If the coating is not even and smooth, then you should have questions for the manufacturer.
  • — Safe packaging. Packaging is also an important factor to consider. A responsible manufacturer will ensure that the product is packaged correctly to protect it during transportation and delivery.

What determines the price of an epoxy dining table?

  • — Type of wood that is used to create the table.
  • — Ratio of wood to epoxy resin.
  • — Thickness of the tabletop. 
  • — Sizes

f you do not want to purchase from our stock, you have the option to place a custom order. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your future project. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a high-quality consultation, free of charge.