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Tower — made of European walnut, polyurethane varnish
$6 930.00
SKU: 5725

Tower — made of European walnut, polyurethane varnish

$6 930.00
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List of woods:
European walnut
Table legs:
Wood (european walnut)
120 мм
L: 74,8 inch x W: 27,6 inch x H: 29,9 inch

Tower Bridge at sunrise is beautiful. When the first rays barely touch its steel structures, a little magic happens, which grows with each «step» of the sun on the horizon. Often they are preceded by the gray mist of Albion, but then give way to a soft, warm sunrise. Every day, numerous London tourists try to capture this beauty, marveling not only at the natural colors on the horizon, but also at the original architecture of the Tower Bridge, the construction of which was considered an innovation a century ago.

Our innovation is the office desk «Tower», which similars the legendary London Bridge in shape. We usually make exclusive furniture by combining wood with epoxy resin, but this time we created a custom model from a large solid wood. Taking durable European walnut, we focused attention on its laconic natural pattern, emphasizing it with the original shape of the table. By the texture of the wood of the desktop, whose straight lines flow smoothly into the legs, you can see how painstaking the work was. The connection of the tabletop with the legs is almost invisible due to the perfect selection of the texture pattern at the junction of the two parts.

This office desk has a discreet British look, it conveys all the seriousness and determination of the business world, its prudence, confidence, stability. Unencumbered by extra shelves, the «Tower» has only one slide-out almost flat drawer. It is made from the side of the desktop, and instead of a handle, there is an elongated edge from below. With this design, the drawer is visually inconspicuous and harmoniously integrated into the overall image of the desktop. Having small dimensions, it is intended only for the most necessary documents and small office items.

«Tower» is an image office desk that will openly talk about the style of its owner, his firm character, balance, reliability. It will perfectly fit into a classic interior, where correct lines and proportions with an emphasis on quality furniture are the main things. Due to «Tower», the office design will look trendy, presentable and solid. A durable and wear-resistant wooden desk will stand in your office for years, inspiring success. It's also perfect if you're looking for a stylish natural wood desk.

Thanks to its 100% naturalness, «Tower» can be chosen if you like ecological furniture. As a «living» material, wood, even processed, continues to «breathe» and needs care. In order for the table to remain new for a long time, we recommend that you do not place hot objects without a coaster on its desktop, in particular cups with coffee or tea, do not scratch with sharp objects, and do not use caustic abrasive detergents for cleaning. The desktop will be gently and pleasant to the touch even after normal wet cleaning.

Agree, it is not difficult to buy a office desk, it is difficult not to make a mistake with the choice. «Tower» is a choice you won't regret. To accompany it, you can order an individual chair is made of wood or stylish office accessories are made of wood and epoxy resin, in particular, such as: business cards, holders for pens, mobile phones. Small details will pleasantly diversify the work interior, although a solid wood table by itself will easily transform the surrounding space into a cozy place for work. And so you enter the office in the morning, and there is the original «Tower», which with an elegant British charm stands surrounded by other furniture, and on its smooth desktop the warm rays of the coming sunny day sparkle.

The office desk «Tower»  - when every day brings confidence!

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