Wood and Epoxy Resin Products - Style and Naturalness That Impress

Furniture and decor made of wood and epoxy resin can make your interior truly unique. Like art, they add a touch of emotion, beauty, and aesthetic perfection to your home, office, or any other space.

Kochut Interiors Products - Quality Confirmed by Experience and Craftsmanship

At Kochut Interiors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, which is confirmed by our experience and craftsmanship. We work with valuable wood species such as European walnut, California maple, wild olive, and rock elm, among others. The epoxy resin, that we use, is certified and tested for quality and safety. Our craftsmen pay attention to the smallest detail to create each product with precision and care.

Wooden tables and wooden products from Kochut

The History of Kochut Wood

Yuriy, Roman, and Ihor Kochut were interested in creating jewelry while they were in high school, but they began making it professionally when they enrolled at Uzhhorod National University. All three studied at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which provided them with knowledge of metal processing technology, including chemical and mechanical processes. In the beginning, three brothers made pendants and rings using copper, tin, and brass. Later, they started working with silver and precious stones. They established their first mini-workshop at home and in 2013, they founded Kochut, a company that produces designer jewelry.
In 2018, brothers faced the challenge of furnishing their jewelry showroom with tables and display cases that matched the style and spirit of the Kochut brand. They found it difficult to locate furniture that met their requirements and decided to craft the required furniture themselves using wood and epoxy resin. This combination of materials resulted in furniture that was as unique and one-of-a-kind as their jewelry, perfectly embodying the company's concept of authenticity, naturalness, and sophistication. The production of tables for the showroom gave rise to a new and ambitious project - Kochut Wood, which grew and developed over the next five years, impressing everyone and becoming an integral part of Kochut. In 2023, the company reached another milestone by expanding its operations to include the development of original interiors and redesigns. Kochut Wood has now evolved into Kochut Interiors.

The company's new focus on interior design did not affect its core business - the production of furniture and decor crafted from wood and epoxy resin. In fact, production has increased due to the requirement of new tables, cabinets, chairs, and other furniture and decor for each of Kochut Interiors' bespoke projects. The company's interiors are unique due to the use of wood and epoxy resin, materials that have brought the company great success, and their experience in working with these materials continues to evolve.

Try the feel and style of Kochut products for yourself in your home today!

Try the feel and style of Kochut products for yourself in your home today!

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