Care and Maintenance

Dear customer!

By choosing an unusual table, cabinet, sideboard or other product wich made of wood and epoxy resin, you have taken responsibility for a special thing that needs individual care. Each of our products consist of natural materials that react to various factors of the external environment, and a temperature, that is not comfortable for you at home, will have a negative effect on them.

Information on the specifics of care about wood and epoxy resin products is very important, and the durability of the purchased product and its appearance depends on how well you follow the advice.

What should you know about wood and epoxy products?

Some tips from the Kochut: 

1. Wooden products with epoxy resin are recommended for indoor use only. They can be temporarily taken out to the terrace or balcony, but should be brought back indoors at night. The recommended humidity range for the room is between 45% to 75%. Short-term deviations from this range are acceptable, but prolonged exposure to adverse conditions can cause surface deformation in wood and epoxy resin products. Over-dried air can dry out the wood, leading to microcracks and other undesirable changes. Just as you need clean air to breathe, wood needs adequate humidity to stay healthy. Therefore, it's important to humidify the air in a timely manner. Additionally, our products should not be kept in the rain, sauna, or near the pool.

2. The permissible temperature range in the room should be between +60.8°F and +80.6°F. Sudden temperature changes can negatively affect tables and other products made of wood and epoxy resin, as wood contracts during cooling and expands when heated. It's important to note that it's not the temperature itself but the rapid changes that are harmful. Therefore, if you're going on vacation, there's no need to maintain a temperature of 77°F at home; everything will be fine if it's kept at a lower temperature, for example, 53.6°F.

3. Avoid direct sunlight as prolonged exposure can cause products with epoxy resin to change color.

4. We recommend keeping products at least one meter away from heat-emitting objects such as batteries and fireplaces. It's better not to place them on thermal floors as it can dry out the wood excessively.

5. Be sure to place coasters under hot objects to avoid spoiling the epoxy resin.

6. Small wooden and epoxy resin products such as serving boards, decorative plates, and trays should not be washed in the dishwasher as high temperatures can damage them.

7. Use wood and epoxy products as intended and avoid mechanical damage:

  • – do not throw heavy objects on the surface as they will cause dents and chips in the epoxy resin;
  • – do not cut the surface with a knife, because deep scratches will appear;
  • – do not place or move objects with sharp metal edges on the surface, otherwise scratches will appear.

How to clean wood and epoxy resin products?

To keep wooden and epoxy products clean, we recommend wiping them first with a damp flannel cloth and then with a dry one to avoid streaks. You can also use a polish, but avoid using hard brushes, sponges, or abrasive cleaning agents.

By following these simple tips, wooden and epoxy products will retain their beauty and functionality. However, if our product gets damaged, we can restore it in our workshop. Our company is committed to providing excellent service to our clients!