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Dionysus — coffe table made of wild olive and epoxy resin
$7 260.00
SKU: 5461

Dionysus — coffe table made of wild olive and epoxy resin

$7 260.00
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List of woods:
wild olive
epoxy resin
Table legs:
L: 47,2 inch x W: 31,1 inch x H: 14,2 inch
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The «Dionysus» coffee table is a true gift from the gods

Only nature’s generosity can turn an ordinary interior into an exquisite corner of paradise, and wild olive is the bearer of this generosity in the case of this piece. Its quality will stand the test of time, and its appearance will always be in fashion. The patterns in the wood are worthy of note all by themselves, as they seem to conceal the great secret of eternity within themselves, one that lives in everything crafted from wood.

The beauty of this tabletop is so powerful and original that we decided to let the magic flow to its legs. The result was a glimpse of something seemingly ancient in which there is nothing foreign or superfluous.

All you have to do is open yourself to this stream of pure aesthetic and enjoy it as not only the gods can: with tranquillity and a sense of majesty.

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