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Dark Side Of The Moon — Lamp made of maple and epoxy resin
SKU: 4854

Dark Side Of The Moon — Lamp made of maple and epoxy resin

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List of woods:
epoxy resin
L: 11,8 inch x W: 5,9 inch x H: 11,8 inch
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The "Dark Side Of The Moon" lamp is a story of infinity.

Opportunity lives in the space where the absence of light prevents us from seeing joy, and it is available to everyone. For one person, it could be an opportunity to live life to the fullest concealed in the darkness of fear before death. For another, it could be a chance to feel love, hidden away in fear of intimacy.

The Universe is full of mysteries, but it also has answers to all possible questions. Perhaps that is why the inner world of us humans is often compared to it. After all, we carry not only the power of the sun, which makes us glow. We are also the dark side of the moon, and we have to keep this in mind all our lives when we are alone, united, in despair and filled with joy.

The next time you find yourself in your bedroom, when the gentle night exposes your true nature, just turn on this lamp. Don’t be afraid to hold something unknown in yourself. Take a look at yourself and see where you can let people in. Make your inner home clear and cozy.

Mysterious, cosmic and with a magnetic pull all its own, the "Dark Side Of The Moon" lamp captivates with its beauty, quality and unreal resemblance to each of us. After all, it has everything it needs to be perfect.

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