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Einstein's glance — the clock & lamp
SKU: 5600

Einstein's glance — the clock & lamp

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List of woods:
Elm tree
Epoxy resin
L: 9,8 inch x W: 5,1 inch x H: 8,7 inch
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n the world there are only relative speeds, and relative calmness, and time moves differently in it. It speeds up and slows down. And if you understand and come to an agreement over time, it can become your friend.

Einstein explained that if you take synchronized clocks and move some of them at a constant speed along a curved closed path until they reach their original point, then at the very moment they arrive at the starting point, they will show a shorter time than those that were stationary in one place. It sounds fantastic, but these are the realities of physics.

The oddball with tousled hair, who dissected the world into atoms, trying to look deeper and deeper, learned the little secret of time. His «paradox of the twins», when a stationary observer perceives the processes of moving bodies in slow motion, became an important part of the scientist's work.

Our four-dimensional world is full of surprises and distortions of perception. Sitting at the table and watching the clock tick, we often think, counting the important seconds. You want to break yourself into small atoms in order to be on time for everything and everywhere: to talk with work partners, to assess the damages of another force majeure, to be in time for dinner prepared by my wife, to support my son, who recently started walking, to visit my mother, to whom you have been promising for a month.

The clock is ticking, and you are trying to set priorities, choose the important among the important, recording the positives in your to-do list. Will Einstein's theory of relativity help here? No, that would be too easy! But every time you make a choice, you change the course of your time. The main thing is to make this choice, not to sit still and wait for ready-made solutions. Movement shapes our lives as much as time.

The clock «Einstein's glance» reminds us that our time belongs only to us, and that only we can manage it correctly by choosing a successful trajectory for «flight». The clock is supplemented with a lamp, which is harmoniously integrated into its base. Its pleasant warm light does not strain the eyes and brightly illuminates not only the dial, but also the space of your table or other part of the surface where this original interior decor will settle.

It will also be appropriate to buy a clock as a gift. For example, for your boss who stays late at work. Perhaps in the twilight of his off-hours he tries to unravel its secret.

The clock «Einstein's glance» – time obeys the determined!

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