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Nectarus — the case for bottles
SKU: 5618

Nectarus — the case for bottles

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List of woods:
Epoxy resin
There is also a larger size
Wild olive
L: 4,7 inch x W: 4,5 inch x H: 14,6 inch

Where sun-warmed Hellas is enveloped by northern Boreus, on top of misty Olympus, where eternally young Hebe pours intoxicating nectar into goblets, there is a constant celebration. The majestic gods enjoy the astringent taste of the drink and rejoice in their immortality. It is eternal life that they receive with each new sip.

And if the gods have a holiday every day, the inhabitants of the earth have less time for it because of their work, but when they start celebrating, they hear it even on the sacred Olympus. And again the wine spills over the glasses, there is a cheerful noise, the tables bend from the food. Even the god of wine Dionysus himself descends with his bacchanals from the summit to join the earthly clamor. After such festivities, legends and myths are invented, they are remembered on the pages of the «Iliad» and «Odyssey» and passed on from mouth to mouth.

The case of bottle Nectarus is the moderne stylish legend, the place where the «gods hid» their drink of youth and immortality for true connoisseurs of the high and beautiful. Designer packaging sets its own accents, giving the drink character and prestige. The bottle case has a standard shape and design that allows you to place almost any wine, whiskey, tequila, etc. 

We also guarantee the durability of the product, because it is made from valuable wood walnut. This means that it is strong, resistant to dampness, deformations, cracks, and also has an original texture. A wooden case for bottles is not just a place to store a drink, but also an extraordinary gift, which, for example, together with an elite wine, will surprise the birthday person, or the boss to whom you want to express your respect, a business partner, an important client. It is not a sin to make such a present for yourself and put it in the living room as an element of decor. And when friends drop by on a Friday night, you confidently show them your own taste by opening a stylish bottle case with Verite La Muse or Sauternes inside.

The case for bottles «Nectarus» – when the gods envy your taste!

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