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Eye of Agamotto — lighting fixture
SKU: 5690

Eye of Agamotto — lighting fixture

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List of woods:
epoxy resin
oil wax
Table legs:
20 mm
L: 7,9 inch x W: 3,9 inch x H: 9,1 inch

We wanted to create a space lamp, because we were always attracted by space and its depth. People come and go into oblivion, and the constellations continue to shine, the planets continue to dance their whirling dance. This vast world has always attracted and attracted: what is behind the planets? and behind the galaxy? and even further?

With our lamp, this distant world was to become a little closer.

Unearthly cool light with greenish polishes seems to emerge from space itself. His little microcosm is being formed, in his house, in his darkened room, here and now. And the secrets are getting closer ... Therefore, in the process of its creation, we returned to the idea that the further you want to go: beyond the stars, beyond the constellations - the deeper you need to look inside.

Sometimes our lamp can't move, we don't promise that, but this piece of the Universe with soft green light, like a meteorite fragment, will be a faithful companion of your time. He is able to record the annals of your life, and we believe that such a thing should be individual for each family member, because in this green light there is something magical, magical .... and magic, as you know, is a very personal thing.

Like every magical artifact, the Eye of Agamotto has its own rules of application: it does not respond to the desires of an evil soul. So cherish purity and green dreams in your soul.

The Eye of Agamotto is a stone of time that will remember the value of the moment. And one day, he may even remind you: "Do you remember how you dreamed of learning to paint and dance flamenco? Do you remember how you promised to jump with a parachute and conquer Hoverla?"

This stone has no emotions of its own, but it is able to carefully conceal yours.

A lamp that was supposed to be cosmic, but it turned out to be magical.

He chose a slogan for himself and it is:

"Look farther than the eyes can see."

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