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Mariana Trench — Coffee Table made of maple and epoxy
$3 630.00
SKU: 4467

Mariana Trench — Coffee Table made of maple and epoxy

$3 630.00
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List of woods:
Transparent, mother-of-pearl
Table legs:
Wood (maple) + epoxy
80 mm

The persistently gained experience multiplied by constant combining of something new is the only way to get something impressive in the end. 

New splendid shades, new forms of wood and new designs of legs. Sometimes we are still amazed with the variety of new options that we create for Your interior.

It seems that even in black and white combination, this table would still be that much unrealistically bright and dazzling! There is no other way, when we use a perfect cut of the American maple wood and three types of epoxy resin for You. The epoxy is no longer crashing on the shore, but quietly lies in the form of the least explored place on our planet - the Mariana Trench. 

This darkness, the deepest point of the ocean, carefully hides mysteries of the planet from us, which humanity has tried to discover three times by now. 

Last time in 2012, during the immersion of James Cameron in the Deep Sea Challenge bathyscaphe while shooting "The Abyss", it was possible to take some pictures of it. Cameron later shared, he came to a shocking conclusion that he was absolutely alone there. "There were no terrifying monsters or any miracles down the Mariana Trench. The very bottom of the ocean was lunar...empty...deserted, and he felt total isolation from the entire humanity". 

Our new unexplored piece of land, and many more to come — the new coffee table "Mariana Trench". 

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