«Earth» — crystal made of maple and epoxy
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SKU: 4410

«Earth» — crystal made of maple and epoxy

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Water, fire, earth and air — 4 concepts of classic elements... 4 concepts that became the basis of the material world. As they fill our planet with energy and power essential for the survival of all living beings. Some cultures referred to the fifth element as well. And its aim was to unite all concepts into one. 

Aristotle considered the fifth element to be aether. However, in our opinion, it is a tree. Because only a tree interacts with all four elements and brings benefits to the world. After all, combined with all four concepts it can give us warmth, fresh fruits and purified air. 

Regarding «earth», it’s not necessarily about its physical sense, but stability, prudence and reliability. No wonder it’s the basis of all elements as this is the place where a major part of a life cycle passes.

In this photo, You may see a mysterious epoxy crystal, filled with incredible energy. Its unusual design would fit any style. Buying this item, You get not just aesthetic and gorgeous interior decoration, but a powerful symbol that will attract the power of earth to Your home.

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