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Water — decorative crystal
SKU: 4409

Water — decorative crystal

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List of woods:
California maple
Epoxy resin
Depending on the lighting, the color of the epoxy resin can have different shades of turquoise
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Water, fire, air, earth — 4 elements of the elements ... 4 elements that became the basis for the creation of our world. After all, they fill our planet with energy and strength, enliven everything around. But in some cultures, there is another fifth element. And its role is to unite all the elements into one.

Aristotle considered ester as the fifth element. However, in our opinion, it is a tree. Because only the tree interacts with the four elements and benefits the world. Paired with all the elements, it gives us warmth, fresh fruit and purified air.

Water is the element of purity, subconsciousness, love and emotions. It is like a flowing blood through the arteries. Just like a tree, it can adapt to any conditions. After all, it can take the form of solid ice or become a tiny particle in the air. Even the scorching sun does not confuse her, because having turned into steam, it will still return to earth in the form of rain in order to feed our planet.

Water in nature is represented by lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. However, we were inspired to present it in the form of crystal cubes for the comfort of your interior.

But it is worth noting that in front of you is not an ordinary wood product. After focusing on blue epoxy resin, you will move to a completely different world... In a world where only peace reigns, where time does not exist, where the tired mind will not think about anything.

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