Maldives - Maple and Epoxy Coffee Table
£5 500
SKU: 4789
SKU: 4789

Maldives - Maple and Epoxy Coffee Table

£5 500
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List of woods:
epoxy resin
Table legs:
88 mm
L: 980 mm x W: 980 mm x H: 600 mm
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How about a resort where you just go to the living room? Imagine yourself in a bungalow overlooking the turquoise ocean. You are served your favorite cocktail, your gaze catches the focal point of the sea, and you savor every moment in this earthly paradise.          

We present you one of the most exotic Maldives tables. Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives has about 1,190 islands that are of coral origin. A place associated with a honeymoon. Clear bluish-turquoise ocean that changes its shades. White sand made entirely of crushed coral. Royal palms leaning over the water. Turtles, rays, colorful fish, like in an aquarium.

It seems that such water does not exist! There is no such sky! I would like to constantly feel this seductiveness of life. I would like to extend this honeymoon for years. We did just that by making the Maldives table. The coral slopes of the maple are gently enveloped in blue epoxy. A pleasant matte varnish made the table surface as smooth as possible to the touch. White metal legs completed this heavenly composition.

And we just made another exotic dream come true!

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