How you should take care for your tabletop

Dear customer!

This information is very important because it depends on how long your product will save its presentation.

Thank you for your choice. You have become the owner of an exclusive handmade product by Kochut.

You have chosen an unusual table, and like every product, it requires special care. We want to tell you about the factors that affect these tables and give some tips on care and maintenance.

Once again, we want to emphasize that a table made of solid wood is a unique natural material. And just like every living organism, it responds to all environmental factors. It is a mistake to think that conditions that are uncomfortable for you (cold, heat, etc.) will be comfortable for products that are in your home.

Natural wood and epoxy worktop care

Some tips from our Kochut Wood workshop:

1. Wooden products with epoxy resin, like any other wood products, are recommended for indoor use only. Of course, you can temporarily take the table to the terrace or balcony, but be sure to bring it back at night.

2. Avoid direct sunlight on epoxy products. If the table is exposed to the sun for a long time, its saturated colors may fade. But, in a short-term hit, it isn't a threat.

3. We recommend avoiding significant and sudden temperature changes (allowable temperature range + 16 ° C - + 27 ° C). When cooling, wood, like most materials, start to narrow. And when heated, it expands. It is worth noting that the danger is not the temperature itself, but its sudden changes. Of course, if you go on vacation, you do not need to keep 25 degrees at home. Nothing will happen to the table if it remains, for example, in 12 degrees. It is recommended to keep the table at least 1 m away from products that emit heat (batteries, fireplaces). The same applies to the warm floor, which not only overheats, but also overdries the tree.

4. The recommended humidity of the room in which you store the table should fluctuate between 45% - 75%. Short-term going beyond this framework is not a threat. However, if the items are kept in places such as a sauna, swimming pool or in the rain for a long time, this can cause table deformation. Staying in dry air for a long time can dry out the wood, and cause the appearance of micro-cracks and deformations.

5. To protect the epoxy resin, be sure to use special wipes for hot objects. For tables, this recommendation is not strict. But when it comes to very hot items, you should use napkins or pads.

6. Use the table as intended and wisely. This does not mean that it is allowed only to eat on it. Although in the solid-state, epoxy resin has such characteristics as strength, wear-resistance, and durability, it is necessary to avoid mechanical stresses on a surface made of it:

— Do not drop heavy objects, as it will result in a dent or chip on the epoxy resin;

— Do not cut with a knife on the surface, as this causes deep scratches;

— Do not place or move products with sharp metal edges to avoid scratches.

How to clean and care for the surface of the table?

To maintain the cleanliness of products with epoxy resin, as with any wooden tables, you just need to keep them clean :)

It is recommended to clean the tables with a damp flannel cloth, and then wipe them dry so that there are no stains. You can also polish it with a soft rag. But you should never use stiff brushes or abrasive sponges.

If you follow all the tips for care and maintenance, your table will retain its unique beauty and practicality. But the main advantage of your table is that it can be restored in our workshop. Therefore, it will serve you for decades.

Best Regards, Kochut Wood.