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Satori (Sapphire) size M — Bowl made of elm and epoxy resin
SKU: 5220

Satori (Sapphire) size M — Bowl made of elm and epoxy resin

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List of woods:
epoxy resin
L: 13,4 inch x W: 13,4 inch
0,4 kg
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Enjoying promising mornings, business lunches and romantic dinners. Gaining new strengths for moving on, achieving goals and winning. And in the end finding Yourself through discovering Your own little island of freedom. Where nature is a pure perfection. Where You have a confident feeling that everything goes right. It brings enormous potential. Being in this state, anyone can create miracles with every breath full of freedom. And each circumstance and condition are just instruments. 

And the enlightenment in every fiber is love itself. Just expressed in other words.

Satori is our new wooden epoxy bowl; its name means a special state that everyone dreams of deep inside his soul. The one which, to a big surprise, is waiting as well till the moment we discover it at the bottom of our hearts. 

But at the bottom of this “Satori” bowl, You will find a smooth surface of elm wood and fantastic epoxy colors. Because everything You touch, becomes a part of Your paradise on earth. And every product of Kochut Wood, whether it's an accessory, is meant to be an integral part of the paradise You create at home day by day.

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