Onyx — Dining Table made of elm and epoxy resin
$8 280.00
SKU: 4250
SKU: 4250

Onyx — Dining Table made of elm and epoxy resin

$8 280.00
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"Try on" in the interior 
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List of woods:
Polyurethane varnish
Table legs:
Wood + epoxy
60 mm
L: 51,2 inch x W: 43,3 inch x H: 29,5 inch

Onyx is the table for the chosen. 

A perfect match of the tabletop and legs raises its chances to become Your favorite one. But it’s not so simple. Onyx is a thing that should belong to those who guide, who is not afraid to be a leader of his own life and is ready to refresh his office or home space with such an extravagant model. 

We consider that loud words "this table will fit anywhere" are not about our epoxy tables. Every item has its own unique energy and is intended to fulfill its mission, not just being a nice detail, often fitting neither the interior, nor the aura of the room. 

Once onyx stones decorated the throne of King Solomon. The walls of his temple were constructed from it. Onyx was respected for its magical properties and feared for discernment. It was deemed that onyx was not faithful to its owner from the very start. First, the stone "decides" whether Your intentions are good and only after that helps in its embodiment. Believe it or not — it's a matter of time. So it takes time for such ambiguous furniture. Perhaps, today You are not ready to see it at Your own home, but in some time You’ll say "This is it!".

Solid, valuable wood with its soft hues perfectly matches the black epoxy. We gained a painting, which continues on the table legs as well, creating a whole picture. Genuineness and harmony are the main features of the new Onyx dining table.