Mighty Eucalyptus — Dining Table made of elm and epoxy resin
$8 940.00
SKU: 4283
SKU: 4283

Mighty Eucalyptus — Dining Table made of elm and epoxy resin

$8 940.00
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List of woods:
Acrylic lacquer
Table legs:
55 mm
L: 102,4 inch x W: 39,4 inch x H: 29,9 inch

A kitchen full of sweet memories and cheerful conversations gave home to coziness. Being surrounded by this unconditional beauty is nothing but a simple reason for joy. To the touch — a silk evening dress, and its look is a powerful tree that has taken its place on the ground (in our case, in the kitchen).

This is the embodiment of everything that you call "dearest", designers call "stylish", and the masters proudly call it "natural". This is an atmosphere of a soothing shade, which we decided to call mint. Like any shade of green, it symbolizes calmness, peace, love, harmony, life, growth. It unites people with nature and helps people to get closer to one another. It symbolizes prosperity and new beginnings.

Elegant and at the same time saturated with transparency! How is it possible? See for yourself. Don’t hesitate to observe both its total mass and weightlessness.

Simple in use, durable, commodious (can seat up to 10 people) the "Eucalyptus" dining table harmoniously fits into the design of a kitchen. We have chosen to combine functional convenience with beauty. 

So far we did not describe this table as "fragile", but here we can say it. This is the first time we present such an exceptional combination of mint epoxy and elm wood. Finally, we did not mention that this table could become "the heart of a home", because it is just unconditional truth. Your "Mighty Eucalyptus".