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Santorini — coffee table made of maple and epoxy resin covered with polyurethane
$1 212.00
SKU: 5133

Santorini — coffee table made of maple and epoxy resin covered with polyurethane

$1 212.00
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List of woods:
epoxy resin
Table legs:
40 mm
L: 28,3 inch x W: 22 inch x H: 17,7 inch

Santorini. If you want to visit heaven on earth, then get some plane tickets immediately. And if you want a little paradise at home, then we are always at Your service. 

Santorini. The most beautiful city in Greece. Calling this magic just a city does is nothing but little. White doll houses, filled with sunlight, as ripe summer fruits. Bright blue roofs and red domes of the churches gleam merrily in the sun. Paved sidewalks and a huge variety of flowers and trees.

Around Santorini — the azure infinity, warm blue beauty, cozy waves of the Aegean Sea. Snow-white houses smoothly cling to one another over the underwater caldera. From a distance you can see a powerful volcano and islands of other countries.

Seeing Santorini once will make You never forget it.

Six thousand years ago the Minoan civilization lived here. They built beautiful palaces and adored ceramics. But in 1500, a huge volcano ruined the island, so a part of it went forever underwater, and the terrain acquired a crescent shape. For the sake of this happen never again, residents asked for protection from Saint Irene, and renamed the island Saint Irene. Or Santorini. Eternal paradise.

We could not call this table differently. Only such a beautiful place, as the island of Santorini, could become an inspiration for its creation.

We made it from the California maple wood — its color reminds us of white houses on the island and its volcanic sandy beaches. The sea infinity is rendered through azure epoxy filling. And via analogy with Santorini, You can observe it not only from above, but from all angles.

Epoxy filling covers the wood smoothly and easily, like waves quietly hitting a shore.

Be ready for the fact that the table is quite massive: its thickness is 50 mm. But how pleasant it is to hold your palm over the gentle cool wood, feel its heavy power, its obedient strength!

The table is covered with polyurethane varnish. The stainless steel legs are easily adjustable. Its geometric design perfectly matches the shape and color of the table.

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